After treatment, it's natural for the teeth to gradually start losing some of its shadings, especially if exposed to staining products.

A take-home tray can help slow this process down but a touch up at your dentist's office within six months is the best solution. Zoom whitening is not meant to be permanent, so maintenance of the bright, white color with at-home treatments is the way to go.

Other in-office whitening treatments.

  • Take-home whitening kits.
  • Porcelain crowns.
  • Whitening toothpaste.
  • Composites or veneers.
  • Other in-office whitening treatments.

Have you been brushing your teeth wrong your entire life?

Have you been brushing your teeth wrong your entire life? Here are some tips to increase efficiency when brushing your teeth.
Buy an electric toothbrush
Electric toothbrushes provide a complete cleaning due to the bristles moving on their own aside from your motions.
Aim the toothbrush hairs at an angle
Brush straight on the surface of the tooth to ensure all bacteria leaves the mouth; it's important to brush at an angle that touches the gumline.
Don't hold the toothbrush too tight
When you hold the toothbrush with a firm grasp, it takes away from the motion needed to cover every quadrant of the mouth.
Brush in small circles
Brushing left to right or vice versa is not as efficient as brushing in small circles throughout each quadrant. Just like Mr. Miyagi explained. "Wax on, wax off."
Brush for two minutes, twice a day
Brushing your teeth twice a day is the bare minimum everyone must strive for, although three is the recommended amount by most dentists. Brushing in the morning and at night for two minutes each time, is the ideal way to maintain white teeth, alongside with flossing.

The best way to go about a teeth whitening procedure is to visit your dentist to verify the process simply is indeed right for you. Before doing so, it's important to receive an oral cleanse about two weeks beforehand to focus entirely on whitening the teeth during your visit.

The complete process lasts about 45 minutes after three separate 15-minute sessions of new gel application. The intensity of the Zoom whitening is controlled manually according to the patient's needs. On average, the teeth come out looking up to eight shades lighter and brighter than ever. There is no recovery time for teeth whitening. You can continue with your daily routine as normal.
  • “One of my patients wanted a whiter smile for his daughter’s wedding. After a cleaning, whitening, and minor reshaping and bonding, his smile was instantly transformed. The family was so happy they gifted Philips Zoom treatments to the wedding party so they could be photo-ready.” – Marc Lazare, D.D.S., M.A.G.D., New York, NY
  • “Whitening has revolutionized my practice. It has made a huge difference in the lives of my patients. Everybody leaves smiling. They’re very happy they did it, and in some cases, it’s actually life-changing.” – Tatiana Barton, D.D.S., Stamford, CT
  • “If you can create one effective change for each patient, it can create a cascading event of subsequent health changes. When patients experience the positive rewards of whiter, cleaner teeth, this can positively motivate them.” – Rhonda Savage, D.D.S., Gig Harbor, WA